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Leet More announces hack you CTF

On October 3, 2012 team Leet More announces hack you contest. The tasks are designed specifically for ITMO first-year guys, but we decided to make it open to the world.

This CTF is Jeopardy-style. It means there is a set of information security themed tasks in several categories, and each task has its own score value. The goal of each task is to find out some secret string — the flag. The person that solves the task and submits the flag to this page gets some score. Read Wikipedia article for slightly more info »

There are 6 categories of tasks:

  • PPC (tasks that require programming),
  • Stegano (tasks that have some secret info embedded in a pile of crap and require steganalysis),
  • Crypto (tasks that involve dealing with cryptoalgorithms and ciphertexts),
  • Web (tasks that have to do with web technologies and site hacking),
  • Reversing (tasks that feature a binary that needs to be examined and analyzed),
  • Network/Packets (tasks that require knowledge of network protocols, sniffing etc.)

The registration is open from October 3 to the end of the competition.

Team registrations are not allowed. Please register personally.

The CTF contest starts October 8, 2012 at 18:00 MSK and will end October 18, 2012 at 18:00 MSK. Tasks are hidden before the start of the CTF.

See you in our IRC channel and on e-mail!

IRC: #hackyou @ Dal.Net (Global, not the russian one)
E-mail: hackyou@ctf.su

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