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4 Nov 2012 15:33 MSK — The task servers are not available anymore. Please look at write-ups for some mirrors.

18 Oct 2012 19:20 MSK — We begin gathering a list of your write-ups! Please drop us a link in IRC channel or via e-mail when you've published them.

18 Oct 2012 18:00 MSKThe game is finished! No more flag submits are accepted. Congratulations to gijs and other 39 guys that have solved all 18 tasks of hack you CTF! Thanks to everyone playing, and especially to 49 players from ITMO! Huge WTF and Grats to hiruma, who posted his Web 300 flag 35 seconds before the deadline, which gave him all 18 tasks solved, 3600 points maximum, and ITMO first place! Other interesting statistics are here.
In couple hours there will be a list with the write-ups. Tasks will be up and running at least for two weeks, for you to write your solutions.
ITMO guys, I think we'll drop you an e-mail in a week or so, and decide what we're doing next with you :D Very impressive work!

14 Oct 2012 13:37 UTC+6 — Our intelligence service releases 6 hints for all the 300-points tasks.

10 Oct 2012 11:11 MSK — The game will be over 18 Oct at 18:00 MSK. That is, it will be impossible to post any new flags. Tasks will run at least till 8 November. Please don't publish your write-ups until the game is finished. After then, we'll be gathering a catalog of links to all the write-ups from the participants.

09 Oct 2012 22:18 MSKgijs from Netherlands is the first to reach 3,600 points maximum! Nicely done ;)

09 Oct 2012 18:30 MSK — PPC 100 and PPC 300 were fixed. Try them again if you had any problems solving the captchas.

08 Oct 2012 18:00 MSK — CTF has started. Feel free to sign up during the game. The game will last till 18 Oct 2012 18:00 MSK

03 Oct 2012 18:00 MSK — We announce hack you CTF. The registration is open! The game starts 08 Oct 2012 18:00 MSK
Don't know what a CTF is? Never took part in a hack-quest? Then read the whole text »

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